One good thing about thinking is that any time you have dream to pursue which as a result you don’t have enough money or how to pursue it, the moment you place the dream in your heart with the one you have written down and pray over it, meditate over it with positive thinking how to get your vision done, surprisingly you will begin to see ideas coming to you…

Great vision need great thinking. When we think we do research. Our subconscious is the thought factory where ideas are gathered together to achieve our purpose..

The richness of any man is based on the ability of his thinking. Show me that great man and I will show you the great thinker. The accomplishment of great task is born by creative thinking. All the bountifulness things of the world we are enjoying today are all ideas of good thinking that are borne by good thinkers.

Ideas are the beginning points of all great accomplishment. Let us examine a few well known ideas which have yielded huge fortunes to the life of some people.

You can’t afford to put off plan anymore, you have put if off for too long, it is time to act. Your future depends upon it, your family depends upon it, your entire life depends upon your next action, you’ve got to act right now.

A man is as big as the measure of his thinking. Most people wish for riches, but few people provide the definite plan and the strong determination which pave the road to success.

There are classes of people on this earth and classify and know where you belong..

Those who make things happen

Those who watch things happen

Those who wonder whats happening

Be reassured that before anyone can accomplish great task in life there must be strong desire to pursue it. Bear this in mind weak desire begets weak results just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat..

Desire is the planting of your seed. It sometimes seems that deep desire creates not only its own opportunities but it own talents. When you have a real zeal for your goal you will transform your dream into reality. Determination in your mind for your dream will break the barrier of limitation and failure in your For every dream to be realized there are challenges you must overcome..


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